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About Us

Housed in Birmingham’s 1907 “Peanut House” – Alabama Peanut Co. is one of America’s last surviving peanut merchants. Utilizing the antique roasters original to the peanut business we roast FRESH daily. We are honored to carry on Birmingham’s storied tradition of roasting fresh peanuts, just as it was done over a century ago in our storefront on historic Morris Avenue.
Alabama Peanut Co. is equally passionate about the uniquely Southern art of boiling peanuts, or “Southern Edamame” as we like to describe them to our guests. As canned boiled peanuts have all but replaced this southern culinary snack at stands across the South, we are proud to play a part in the revival of real, never canned southern boiled peanuts. Even further, APCo. has pioneered the flavored boiled peanut bringing Craft Boiled Peanuts to the marketplace with over 100 house-made recipes.
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